من يريد أن يتعرف على هذا الموقع باللغة العربية اضغط هنا

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

The pages of this site are here to give you information and help you.

Posting comments asking for me to email you information that is already obviously mentioned – often on the front page, posting the fifth comment of the day to ask when the list of names will be released, posting a comment with ‘i want to apply’ and no other information…this isn’t helping the brothers who have genuine questions.

I didn’t want to write anything about this, because I didn’t want the brothers who have genuine questions, or who genuinely don’t understand some of the information to stop posting or to feel shy. There is a big difference between someone who writes: “I’m a bit confused about the application date, what did you mean…” and someone who says: “I can’t be bothered to actually read anything that you have written, so if you could just spend half an hour of your time making up for my laziness by sending me a personal email with all of the conditions, and documents that I need”…so let the brothers fear Allah with regard to the rights of others.

I want to emphasise again that I have no problem at all answering questions from people who genuinely don’t understand, or couldn’t find the information, even if it is the same question I’ve answered many times before. This is really important, because it helps me to understand the parts of the website that aren’t clear.

—Here ends the lecture 🙂 —

BTW: the list of names will be released, in shaa Allah, just before Ramadhaan, but they have been known to arrive earlier. In shaa Allah, we’ll post them here on the site as soon as they are released.

A note to everyone who is using the site. As well as browsing the site pages, try to read the comments at the bottom of every page, since many of the questions are answered there. Every now and again I try to incorporate the most important questions into the site pages, however exams and other commitments often slow me down, so have a quick browse through the comments, in case your question has already been asked. If you don’t find it, or you aren’t sure, feel free to post a new comment!

Wassalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,