Assalaamu alaykum,

I visited the admissions dept. today and had a really good chat with one of the brothers who is responsible for organising the admissions. I showed him the site, and he has kindly offered to help answer questions and inshaa Allah, I plan to correct some of the uncertain issues, by referring to him. There is also a plan for a possible collaboration with the university, in helping them develop their new admissions procedure.

The process will no doubt take some time, especially since I have other things going on at the moment. However, once the process gets going I aim to include the following things:

  • A full review of the page text, referring all uncertainties and outstanding questions to the brother
  • Including the answers to comments in the main text
  • Adding new information from the university, as relates to their upcoming changes in submitting applications
  • I would like to add some pictures, and maybe some shots from Google Earth

For now there are two important updates:

  1. The brother – may Allah reward him – has kindly given me the details of when and when not to come for an interview. The interview office is open througout the year, except at the well known holiday times, such as the last 10 days of Ramadhaan and 10 days after Eid, and a week or so at Hajj time. However, there is a period between 15th of July 2009-10th August 2009 in which they accept Saudi students. This time is very difficult for someone to come for an interview, so the brother recommends to avoid it. For brothers who are forced to come at this time, there may be one person available, but for those who have a choice, try to avoid it. Another very busy time is the middle ten days of Ramadhaan, when many students arrive. Ideally, the brother recommends those who come during the summer, to aim for a time between 10th August-10th September 2009. As for those who come during term time, they should be able to come at any time, apart from public holidays, as I mentioned. Note that the weekend in Saudi is Thursday and Friday, so the university is closed on both days throughout the year. Also note that the university is normally open in the morning from around 8am until around 12.30am (depending on Dhuhr time) – you might not find anyone after Dhuhr.
  2. The university is starting a new admissions process, which will involve complete electronic submission, including scanned documents, photos, etc. This is under development and more information will be posted soon inshaa Allah.

Baarak Allahu feekum,

Wassalaamu alaykum warahmatullah,