The list is out, Jazaa Allahu Khayran all of the brothers who contributed to the site over the last few days and weeks and especially to Abu Salah, Abu Maryam, & Bilal for posting the names. You can find the list here.

Latest Update: There is definitely some confusion here. I spoke to a Saudi contact of mine who has a cousin in the university admin dept. and they have heard nothing about the list being released. The same goes for a brother who studies at the university and went today, but found no list. At the same time br. Abu Maryam Abdullah Sales got an email confirming certain students who he asked about were accepted. The Saudi brother is going to go tomorrow and find out what’s going on and if the list is out, he’s going to get us the names inshaa Allah. One explanation might be that the list has been released to some of the staff but not published internally yet. Allah knows best. Inshaa Allah I’m hoping for an update by 13:00 Saudi time on 11/08/2009, as to what is going on.

Important Update: It seems that the list has been released. We are working to get the entire list online inshaa Allah in the next couple of days.

Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.

There has been a steady stream of questions about this year’s list of accepted students. The university sent the list of students which they want to accept to Riyaadh a number of months ago. Riyaadh needs to approve the list and perform additional checks. In past years the list has come back from Riyaadh around June. However, last year it was late July.

The administration department have confirmed that they are expecting the list any day now. It may be that some countries have their names released before others.

I tried to convince the university to send me the list when it comes out, but they are concerned that certain students may not want their names to be posted and may suffer problems from their local government if their acceptance is made public. For this reason, the names are only published internally.

My latest strategy is two-fold:

  • I will call the university maybe once a week, inshaa Allah, to see if the list has been released
  • If any of the brothers hear that the list has been released, or find it posted on other website, please post a message/link here.

As soon as I know that the list has been released, I can send one of the brothers to the admin dept. to confirm the names and post them here.

I already know that we need the list for the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. If there are brothers from any other country who would like to see if their name is listed, please post your full name, as you submitted it, and the country which you applied from.

Baarak Allahu feekum,

Wassalaamu alaykum,