Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

Update: Here are the answers to all of the brothers who asked me to check their names.

Here are some more countries, courtesy of brother Abu Abdullah Ar-Radadi.

If I haven’t already posted your country, I’m not going to post any more whole country lists. Just give me your name and country and I’ll confirm if you were accepted or not. I just can’t ask the brothers to type up names all day…it’s too much for them when they have families and work. If there’s an important reason why I need to publish all of the names for a country, inshaa Allah no problem. Otherwise, I’m going to take the following approach inshaa Allah:

  1. If you have already given me your name, or asked me to check up on a problem you do NOT need to post anything else, inshaa Allah I will do it on Saturday.
  2. If you have asked me for all of the names from a particular country, and I haven’t posted it, such as the brother who asked me about Kenya (there were 35 names), then please add a comment here with your name and country. Bear in mind that I might take a few days to respond.

In the meantime, here are the accepted students for:

حمزه دار ماجي
محمد زهب لنعت
ألماس هاستمي
محمد ياسين موهنج
نوفل سلامات
محمد ياسر محبوب
مجاهد بن رجب
ثناءالله محمد عادل
محمد عمر سائب كريم بخش
محمد ارشاد محمد خان
ماها نياك جوستين مارتلي
رانيما حافالي جيوميري
اندر نيبلسون ديدوني بترك
زيدين انطونيو
دكتور ديها ماتر نينا ابراهيم
مانغ زكريا
خطيب شيو
احمد محمد عيدو
عيسى لويتس سبريان
جمعه سعيد جمال
محمد شعيب مومبا سايبا
داوود ابراهيم محمد
منصور سليمان عثمان
سليمان متلاجي