Here’s the latest update for the last group of brothers who asked me to check – I ask Allah to give them all tawfeeq, and to grant patience to those who were not accepted:

  1. Mohamed Salum Rajab from Tanzania – Accepted
  2. Rashid Ahmed Jashim from Bangladesh – Not Found
  3. The brother from the UK who’s passport number has changed – No problem, proceed as normal, there’s no need to inform anyone inshaa Allah
  4. The total number of students accepted from India is 29 not 26, but brother Abdul Aleem’s name is not on the list
  5. The total number of French students is 8 not 9 as one of the brothers was told, and I couldn’t find brother nourredine ZEMMOURI on the list.
  6. Saef Umar Barnett from malaysia – not found

Please see the post below for the disclaimer and further information…

Assalaamu alaykum all,

I’ve had a lot of requests over the last couple of days. Here’s a summary of what I was asked and you can find the information in bold next to the student’s name.

***DISCLAIMER: Myself and the brother Abu Abdullah have tried our best to check every single name that we have been given and to double check that the information is correct, however, checking names against the Arabic ‘version’ is difficult, especially since many people aren’t aware of how their names were written in Arabic. If it says NOT FOUND next to your name, that’s because we couldn’t find it on the list, even after we checked more than once. This means that it is very unlikely that you have been accepted. Similarly, if I have written ACCEPTED next to your name, it means that we believe that we found your name on the list, but it shouldn’t be taken as a firm guarantee – we are not an official university site!!***



  1. All names if possible: There is only one student who has been accepted from Somalia, his first name is “Umar” and his last name contains “Sheikh”
  2. Ahmed Hassan Omar Not Found
  3. Daud Hussein sheik Not Found


  1. Ryan (last name unknown) Not Found
  2. mogamad amien jones Not Found


  1. bulahani matola Not Found


  1. Abubakar Ambutsi Rajab Not Found


  1. hamza haffari Not Found


  1. Saidu Farouk Maigishiri Accepted



  1. Bilal Abdussaththar Accepted
  2. Ahmed Mihsan Mohamed Accepted


  1. Nasheeth Mohamed Siddeek ? – A mistake seems to have been made. Nasheeth Mohammed was found on the list, but the last name is different. We are currently trying to get to the bottom of where the mistake was made. May Allah make it easy for the brother.


  1. Hafiz Syed Hassan Farooq Not Found
  2. Muhammad Hasan Not Found


  1. zahed hashimi Not Found



  1. Daud Hussein Not Found
  2. Abdirahman Hussein sheik Not Found


  1. Liban Ashkir Not Found
  2. Ibrahim hassan Not Found
  3. Zakarya Abdulla Not Found


  1. Ouasim Not Found


  1. Rafiq Abdulqadir Not Found


  1. Syed Bilal Shafi who is from Canada but might be on the UAE list: The brother’s name is not present on either the list for Canada or the list for UAE.
  2. Check the total number of students from the USA: The total number of accepted students is 15.
  3. USA Abdi Mohammed Haro – told accepted by Abu Maryam’s contact but not on list The brother’s name is definitely not on the list of accepted students. He needs to get in touch with Abu Maryam to find out whether his contact made a mistake…SubhanAllah!! May Allah make it easy for the brother.
  4. There are only three names posted under Canada This is correct – there are only three students who are accepted this year and Allah knows best.

I ask Allah to make everyone’s search for knowledge easy and I advise the brothers who have not been successful to keep on seeking knowledge and try to apply again – many students are accepted the second or third time they apply.