Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

I have just finished a complete update of the blog, including updating and checking the information on all of the pages, a redesign of the site in general, and what I hope is an improved way of organising the information. A lot of old information has been removed or updated, and I have started a serious attempt to include other universities as part of the blog.

There are loads of changes to the actual WordPress options, including limiting the number of posts on the front page, and new comments appearing at the top of the list of comments, instead of the bottom, which should help for pages which have hundreds of comments.

If I am missing anything, or have inadvertently deleted something really important, please let me know!

The only thing left to do now is to answer all of those comments!!

Baarak Allahu feekum,

Wassalaamu alaykum warahmatullah,