Over the past few years, it has proven difficult to gather all of the information needed to support sisters who wish to study abroad. In shaa Allah, progress is being made, but it does take time. It has taken more than 2 years to get all of the information needed to support the brothers at Madinah, and that is while I am a student there, so it is even harder when it relates to another city, and especially when dealing with the women’s departments of the various universities. Please be patient. If there are any sisters in Saudi who speak good/fluent Arabic and would like to help, they are more than welcome to post a comment.

There are several universities which have facilities for women, including one purpose built university for women in Riyadh. In fact, the only university which doesn’t have any facilities for women at the moment is Madinah. For more information about the other universities, see the Other Universities page.

As of now, Madinah university doesn’t have a women’s department. They have been given permission to open one, but at the moment it seems that the plan has not been implemented, or at least has not progressed to the stage where we have a fixed date. Recently, the Deputy Head of Admissions for Student Registration informed me that he knows of no plans to implement accepting applications from sisters in the near future, although the applications system is being designed to support it. However, rumours are abound that the department is close to opening, and as soon as I have any more information, inshaa Allah, I’ll post it here.

Therefore, I would recommend that sisters who want to study consider two options available to them:

  • Other universities which accept women – see above.
  • A husband who is accepted to study – if a sister is married to a husband who is a student, or even a husband who works in Saudi, there are several courses which sisters can enrol in – providing they get themselves a residency permit. For example in Madinah, there are some Arabic language courses for sisters who are resident here, provided by charities which operate independently of the university. Some of these courses are restricted to students’ wives only, but some of them are more flexible. Then there are some excellent courses for Arabic speaking sisters, which cover 2-3 years of quality Islamic education from some of the most prominent scholars in Madinah – not to mention the open classes by the senior scholars in Madinah. However, see the section on married students, to learn about some of the difficulties in this process.